released: n/a

to be determined
  1. Clique War
  2. Facing Up, Forced Down
  3. Whispers of Immortality
These are songs that aren't available on any of the real releases. Clique War was recored in May 2004, but we didn't finish mixing it until February 2005. We just really suck. It was recorded on Raland's computer, with his OEM soundcard, in my garage. Eventually it was mixed, with my OEM soundcard, in my kitchen. Facing Up was recorded in October 2003, with a process similar to Clique War. Except Facing Up was actually done first. Whispers was recorded centuries ago, with a significantly different line up. It is also the only surviving example of guitar solos in our mucis.

Too Little, Too Late

released: tbd

too be determined
  1. Panic Device
  2. Failsafe
  3. Worst Case Scenario
  4. Fat Farm
  5. Running Joke
  6. Cease
  7. Opening Eyes
Drums and bass were recorded in the summer of 2001. Vocals were done around December of the same year. Guitars... we'll see.

Seen One, Seen'Em All

released: March 2003

Seen One, Seen'Em All
  1. None the Wiser
  2. Scratched Out
  3. Patriotic
These three songs were written and recorded during three brief "reunions". ("reunion" reads: all of us in the same town at the same time). Each song was put together in a day, then recorded the next. Considering it took us months to write songs when we were "active"... pretty speedy, eh? The idea was to make the EP available at the March 8th "reunion" show, which, of course, was cancelled. The EP lives on, however, and it comes with a t-shirt!

Lowest Common Denominator

released: October 1999

Lowest Common Denominator
  1. spilling;
  2. Unholy Exhumation
  3. Fisting
  4. Precise
  5. Failed Expectations
  6. Smothered
  7. Cyclical Retardation
  8. (sic)
  9. Dead Simple
We recorded and mixed this one in a couple of days at Deep9 studios. By the end of it, ears were fried and not too... picky. Includes some pre-historic unreleased music, video and other assorted crap.

Collapse Into Despair

released: February 1998

Collapse Into Despair
  1. Solely On Opposites
  2. God Complex
  3. Touching the Timeless
  4. Heed to Instincts
  5. Out of Spite
  6. Love Stained Splatter
  7. Unholy Exhumation
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Originally we recorded at a community college. We weren't happy with the guitar sound, so we re-recorded them in various places. The bass might have been re-recorded too, I can't remember. I don't remember anything about mixing and mastering. No longer available on CD, so download it.
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