april 29th, 2016Four old men had dinner.
august 7th, 2009Dichotic alumni news: Scott and Raland are playing with Select and Dismember. First show is August 15th, at Coconut Grove. I think Scott is a full-fledged member of Cephalectomy now too. Neil and Jeff are playing in Tual Masok. They've even got videos on YouTube. I spend all of my free time maintaining this site.
june 18th, 2008Scott plays bass on Cephalectomy's latest release, The Dream Cycle Mythos. A 23 minute epic. Raland shows up in there somewhere too.
february 9th, 2007The lyrics to spilling; are taken from a poem, supposedly written by the Zodiac killer. The star of a new movie. spilling; does not appear on the soundtrack, but it is available here.
december 23rd, 2006In three days, our "days dead" count will be at 2006 and the year will be 2006. The year and the count will never match again.
october 29th, 2006The annual Dichotic wedding reunion.
january 22nd, 2006This site is certified 55% EVIL by the Gematriculator
november 23rd, 2005More dead metal music from the dead band: Facing Up, Forced Down. It was recorded on October 18th, 2003, but we're (I'm) terrible at finishing projects. The writing part isn't too bad, but recording/mixing/mastering is awful.
october 31st, 2005Happy Halloween. The Great Pumpkinhead
september 20th, 2005Some guy in a kilt
june 21st, 2005It's been many months, and we haven't done anything with that song that was supposed to be ready in a few months.
february 7th, 2005We finally got around to mixing Clique War. It was recorded during a one-week-reunion, in May 2004. With any luck, we'll have another one ready in a few months.
june 30th, 2004Today is the third anniversary of our demise. In order to celebrate, we're releasing a bunch of music: We also redesigned the site. Now with even less content!
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